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Have you ever dreamed of starting a business but were unsure who to ask for advice? Outset Swindon offers hands-on, vocational support and guidance tailored for you. Plus, as a government approved Start Up Loans provider, we can also help you get money for your new business.

We are a totally FREE programme, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and Swindon Borough Council, that helps people living in Swindon to start their own business. We offer a range of options including information sessions, one-to-one support, business start-up workshops and help with accessing finance. Why not book now to attend an information session to find out more; our trained advisors will assess your current need and help you to kick-start your new business.

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Happy clients

"I looked upon my redundancy as an opportunity and had my business idea in mind but no real idea how to start. The free advice and support I’ve been given by Outset has been absolutely priceless and shaped my approach to starting my business completely." Simon Tonkin, Homedraw

"The Outset course has been an invaluable experience; I can’t believe it’s free! It was great to have such a positive service on my doorstep. I would recommend the course to anyone thinking of taking the leap of faith and following their dreams! I found the team really motivating and uplifting and got lots of helpful ideas for where to go with my business. Thank you Outset." Stephanie Maytham, Cake Couture


Don’t know which bank to open your business banking account with? Not sure whether you need an accountant or a solicitor to help your business grow? Need a start up loan? Help is at hand. You can meet local banks, accountants …


Developing a data protection policy and respecting client confidentiality is a key part of modern business management. Here are our top tips to ensure you don’t fall foul of the Data Protection Act.